Saturday, September 03, 2005

Daydream Nation on mp3

following up on Craig's EVOL post from a few days back, someone's posted Daydream Nation to piratebay. available for a limited time only. download via bittorrent. no reg required.

mo' better to come. i promise.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Jack and Meg at the Orpheum.

the White Stripes just stormed through Minneapolis for two sold out shows at the Orpheum Theatre. i have seen dozens of great shows there. The 'Mats last tour for "All Shook Down" being one i will never forget.

i was only able to go to Friday's show. but it was a killer!

they had an amazing stage set with tons of vintage amps, tympani drums, a marimba, a piano and assorted vintage keyboards and an organ. everything was all decked out in the traditional 'Stripes colors, red, black and white. i dressed accordingly, wearing a red and black Bruce Lee tee shirt i bought at Target.

"My Doorbell", "Seven Nation Army", "Blue Orchid", Dolly's "Jolene", "Blue Orchid", "Hotel Yorba", "The Nurse" and "Little Ghost" were all highlights.

i'd only seen the newest DVD of them before and on various TV shows in terms of ever seeing them live. i don't know why i didn't go to the First Ave show they did for "White Blood Cells". perhaps for the same reason i passed on the Strokes in Entry. because often i am retarded.

regardless i wondered how they pull off some of their tunes live, with just the two of them and all. in particular "The Nurse" which is unlike many of their songs. but it was incredible. he had some sort of foot switch for his amp and guitar that he would hit to play the guitar blasts that accompanied the marimba part and Meg's pounding rhythm part to the song. it was quite effective and cool as hell!

the whole show rocked from the get go. very few lulls. and anytime i was feeling a bit overwhelmed they would bring it down with a mellower number.

as i understand it they never repeat a set and Jack often makes up the setlist on the spot. so the next night was totally different according to my friend, Mike. i had to go to a wedding saturday nite, but Mike had front row and said it equally kicked ass! he actually got quite the momento from that show.


Artist: Serena-Maneesh

Album: Serena-Maneesh

I learned about it from: Elbow Music Blog

Comments: Norway's Serena Maneesh is just starting to get a buzz in The States thanks to the internet. They don't actually have an album out yet, but the song "Un-Deux" is making the rounds of music blogs. I'll play along because it's pretty good. They've been playing live in Europe for several years, and they have an EP, Fixxations, released in 2002. Their s/t debut full length will be released in Norway on Aug. 29, but I haven't seen whether or not a U.S. distributor has picked it up. I'm sure it's not far behind, if not already signed.

Sound clip: Un-Deux