Thursday, October 13, 2005

black mountain addendum

this is an addendum to a previous post here on ding gua gua (also i just wanted to use the word addendum)
Artist: black mountain
a live song from a show i missed when they played at The Dunes here in portland.
Sound clip: Set Us Free

Friday, October 07, 2005

anders parker at the goodship dude

a few friends share a house on division street here in portland. matt brown has dubbed it the goodship dude. i haven’t asked matt what he called it when a girl lived there. every once in a while my friends over at the goodship dude get it together and throw a party, as young, unattached folks are wont to do nowadays. the excuse for irresponsible behavior this evening was the arrival of anders parker in portland, taking a break from touring with richard buckner. matt knows anders from years past in raleigh when matt played with the ashley stove, and anders was in varnaline and/or space needle. they’ve kept in touch, and matt arranged for a small, intimate gig in the basement.

now, the basement at the goodship dude is really quite nice. not one of those dank, musty pacific nw basements with the walls crumbling all over the floor – this one’s been finished with linoleum tile and real wood paneling, a bar in the back, built-in seating and shelving. matt likes to spread a rumor that it was a speakeasy in the 20’s, but i don’t believe that for a second [i’d say 40’s at the earliest]. captured by porches set up behind the bar with a few kegs of pale and porter, dishing it out in mason jars. a good 20 or 30 people were milling around, and the basement at the goodship dude took on the feel of a real venue. illumination was provided exclusively by tivoli lights strung across the floor and candles. i set up my rig and procured a pint of pale before anders started playing.

what you have here are the sounds provided by anders in the basement at the goodship dude that evening, as captured by me. this is quite a nice document of an evening i’ll be remembering for quite some time.

thanks first to anders parker, who has kindly blessed this recording for FREE distribution. please trade FREEly. thanks also to sivapith [matt calls him “the boob,” we call him "stephen"], not only for hipping me to the show, but for providing the included pics. last but not least, thanks to matt brown for the setlist [he didn’t make it up, i swear], and for being such a sweetie pie.

anders parker
august 2nd, 2005
goodship dude
portland, oregon

free bittorrent download, reg unfortunately required, though...

winamp-friendly flac version

itunes-friendly m4a version

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Daydream Nation on mp3

following up on Craig's EVOL post from a few days back, someone's posted Daydream Nation to piratebay. available for a limited time only. download via bittorrent. no reg required.

mo' better to come. i promise.