Saturday, August 20, 2005

mastodon discography

stay tuned - honor role and anders parker are comin up. in the meanwhile, someone's posted the entire mastodon discography [in mp3 format, and only the stuff that's been released on cd] to piratebay. i strongly recommend you pull these down and listen, if you are uninitiated. pop leviathan in first.

by the way, i just remembered the guy's name from my 1st post: panzer. seriously. panzer, who drove a car with the air force insignia on its doors...

Friday, August 19, 2005

Scout Niblett

Artist: Scout Niblett

Album: Kidnapped By Neptune

I learned about it from: Magnet magazine

Comments: From Staffordshire UK. Music is very Cat Power.

Sound clip: Kidnapped By Neptune

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Don't forget Lowenstein

Artist: Jason Lowenstein

Album: At Sixes and Sevens (Sub Pop)

I learned about it from: Seeing him open for Dinosaur Jr. 2005. Of course, I had already known about Jason from his Sebadoh contributions.

Comments: Honestly, I had forgotten about him. Back in the day, I really liked what he brought to Sebadoh, without whom Lou would have smothered us in pure self pity. But then he slipped from my radar at about the same time Sebadoh started to slip out of Lou's ass. So, I hadn't heard anything about him in a while. Suddenly, he was on the bill opening up for Dinosaur Jr. this summer, and I made sure to get there in time to catch his entire set. He was pretty good, stuck in 90s Sub Pop indie rock, which was quaintly appealing. I looked up his body of work online when I got home, and found one full length to his name. I think he'll be around with a solo career for a while with a single or an EP here and there. But with Sebadoh still doing just fine financially, he won't have to hold down a part time job when he's not touring.

Sound clip: Casserole | more

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Random Records: Sonic Youth's Evol

Craig randomly grabs a record from his shelf and shares his deepest thoughts and feelings.

Sonic Youth: Evol (1986)

Where I bought it: Cheapo Records, St. Paul

Have I had second thoughts?: My friend Stephen (a different one than Ding Gua Gua Stephen) once said that Sonic Youth started to suck when Thurston Moore started rhyming. As amusing as that observation might be, I get tired of people slamming Sonic Youth. Like the Flaming Lips, they've become pretty unlikely music heroes given their roots in the 80s post-punk/hardcore scene. I don't like everything they've put out, but I would never disrespect their integrity. But none of that actually answers the question at hand. No, I've never had second thoughts. This album was from back in their untouchable golden days of the mid-80s. It's awesome.

Evol is one step along Sonic Youth's evolution through SST/Blast First until their indie masterpiece Daydream Nation that would land them a Geffen contract. On Evol, they perfected the scare-core of their previous album Bad Moon Rising ("Tom Violence", "Expressway to Your Skull"), while also beginning to explore a little pop/rock ("Bubblegum", "Star Power"). Evol was the second Sonic Youth I heard, and I would rank it as my second favorite after Daydream Nation.

Oddly, I never actually bought it until many years later after I had moved to Minnesota. I always wanted a vinyl copy, and though I don't think it's THAT rare of a record, I had a hard time finding the copy I wanted. So now it stands as the prime example of why I used to make my weekly outing to Cheapo Records and dig through the new arrivals. $3.99 for a pristine copy! All those years since I first heard it (somewhere around 1989), I listened to my cassette dub from Malcolm's original. Cassettes are a particularly good format for the go-to-sleep listen, being that you don't have to turn over the record. So, sometimes when feeling moody in my much younger days, I would put it on to sing me to sleep at night. It's amazing I not only graduated college, but got a Ph.D. and now work for a major corporation, because I used to listen to the most un-motviating goth shit when going to sleep in high school and college. Also on that pile was the debut Cranes album Wings of Joy and Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. I must have a blocked Corpus Calossum to have avoided those hypnotic suggestions from polluting my left brain.

Grab The Axe of Dungen

Artist: Dungen

Album: Ta Det Lugnt

I learned about it...: MTV2's Subterranean

Comments: Naturally, not all bands from Sweden fall into the sweet Cardigans or intimidating Death Metal camps, though you may have to dig to find out this is true. Dungen hails from rural Southwest Sweden, and has a sound you might describe as psychedelic and/or prog rock with a folk underpinning, and it's sung in Swedish. Although a four-piece appears in the photo above, Dungen is essentially a one-man band, creatively speaking. Gustav Ejstes plays all of the instruments on the album Ta Det Lugnt (which translates as "Grab the calm"). Catch them touring the U.S. right now, through October.

Sound clip:

Sunday, August 14, 2005

flaming lips zaireeka mixdown

so hey - it destroys the whole social aspect of the record - but haven't you ever just wanted to be able to take zaireeka with you or play it in your headphones?

free download via bittorrent. no reg required. ogg vorbis format.