Saturday, May 21, 2005

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Artist: Françoise Hardy

Album: Françoise Hardy

I learned about it...: from Flava Flav

Comments: Free records make me happy.  This one, Françoise Hardy, has pleased me to no end since I found it sitting in the Record Exchange free box.  I'd read before that Mme. Hardy kicked out les jams française, but she never crossed my mind at a convenient time.  Well, I'll take home almost anything for free; I had reached a convenient time de faire la conaissance de Mme. Hardy.  To the music.  She wrote or co-wrote most of the album's songs, and many of them have a touch of fuzz guitar. The cover ain't half bad, either.  Au près de ma blonde, qu'il fait bon, fait bon, fait bon...

Sound clip:
Tu ne dis rien
Nous étions amies

Friday, May 20, 2005


Artist: The Howling Hex
Album: INTRODUCING: the Howling Hex

I learned about it...: Montessori style
Comments: INTRODUCING: the Howling Hex was the first of three (so far) limited edition, vinyl-only releases by the Howling Hex, ex-Royal Truxter Neil Haggerty's new band. This particular EP came out in 2003, but Drag City seems to issue one every nine months or so, as Haggerty supposedly earns money from the sales to record new Howling Hex albums. Unfortunately, All Night Fox, the newest one, bores me. But you can never tell with Haggerty; the lackluster releases usually foretell of better things to come.
By the way, I recommend the Howling Hex and Neil Michael Haggerty albums, which are not available at a Wal Mart near you.

Sound clip: Catalytic Convert