Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorable record stores:
Wax 'N' Facts

Wax 'N' Facts
432 Moreland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307-1423
(404) 525-2275

We've all been witnessing the slow demise of the brick and mortar record store. Here in Minneapolis, the surprise announcement of Let it Be's closing was felt by many of us. I'm no businessman, but I think there will continue to be a place for a few styles of record stores:
  • Ye Olde Head Shoppe near the university
  • DJs R Us
  • The Collector's Pit
  • The used bookstore that also sells records

That's what worries me about the prospects for Atlanta's ultra-cool Wax 'N' Facts record store. They don't make the above list because like Minneapolis' Let It Be, they're more of the classic indie/hipster store trying to cater a little to the collector; a little to the youth skate kids or ravers; and a little to the poster-hanging, used-CD-buying college kids. Online offerings will continue to eat into these markets. But so far, Wax 'N' Facts keeps plugging along. As one-by-one these indie record stores are knocked off, look to location to predict which ones will stick around. Atlanta's Little Five Points area has been a hang-out spot for nouveau hippies, punks, the transient, and the curious for many years. Though the flavor has changed somewhat over the years, it still serves as Atlanta's most reliable destination for the bohemian crowd looking to browse the aisle, get a bite to eat, or enjoy some music. For record-buyers in the south, there's nowhere in a multi-state radius that can compete with Wax 'N' Facts for the right combination of cool finds and reasonable price for used records.

While in college, I used to visit Atlanta 2-3 times a year because my sister lived there, graciously granting me a free place to stay. Wax 'N' Facts was my main mission while in town, typically combined with lunch at The Varsity. The finds that stick out in my mind are all 12" singles: New Order, Tones on Tail, and The Cocteau Twins to name a few. Several years later, after I had moved out of convenient driving distance to Atlanta, I was visiting my buddy Malcolm in Georgia. It was just like old times as we made the pilgrimage into the city and stopped by the familiar shops. I walked away with a fresh pair of sneaks from Abbadabba's shoe shop, and the Electric Prunes s/t from Wax 'N' Facts. Start forging your own memories and check out Wax 'N' Facts yourself before they turn into an e-Bay storefront.


  • Craig--Wax n' Facts has been supplanted by a smaller, friendlier, cheaper, better store called Full Moon Records down in Candler Park.

    By Blogger M.Shackelford, at 12:58 PM  

  • only went to wax n facts once [in 96], but it does stick out. one of those "lifestyle" record stores that also sells hair dye, shoes, t-shirts, patches, drug paraphenalia, etc. kinda the same family as smash records in georgetown, wdc, but with a much better vinyl selection. i got here come the warm jets and the freed man for about four$ each. wotta steal.

    mark wtrmn told me some story about trying to trade roofies for slices with the cook at the pizza place right near there as well. i think he was down there with regraped...

    By Blogger tenfoot, at 1:48 PM  

  • Why the unonimity? We're all in agreement here, that any friend of Waterman's is a friend of ours.

    By Blogger Craig, at 9:59 PM  

  • hey - sorry, Craig. i've got this thing about shrouding the identity when publishing. let's call me tenfoot. i'll change the id w/blogger. i live in portland w/a certain kaffy. oh - you need to link:


    By Blogger tenfoot, at 12:38 AM  

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