Thursday, May 12, 2005

Malcolm Says Nothing About An Album

Artist: Autechre
Album: Untilted (not Untitled)

I learned about it...: Uhh, looking through the stacks at the record store

Comments: I'll begin with a disclaimer.  I have no real knowledge of this type of music other than that I seem to prefer what pops up from Warp Records.  You probably know Warp because they've also released albums by Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Squarepusher.  For what it's worth, Warp tends to distribute the electronica titles that critics love.  But critics also love a lot of music I simply can't stand.  So enough of that.

What most excites me about discovering Autechre happens to be the same thing that irritated me so when I first heard the Melvins: the scrap-and-collapse.  Think about Ozma for a moment.  I don't believe the Melvins kept to a straight path throughout an entire song more than twice on that album.  They engineered that album to render the scenester nod obsolete by scrapping the beat and collapsing the wall of sound just as YOU began to like it.  You feel like Eddie Murphy must have that night in Los Angeles when Shalomar turned out to be Kenneth--a bit confused. 

Sound clip:The site that hosted the sound clips won't allow one to directly link to them.  So find them yourself!



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