Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just got the new Sleater-Kinney, and it's good

Artist: Sleater-Kinney

Album: The Woods

I learned about it...: I always keep one eye open for new Sleater-Kinney

Comments: In my current mood, I'd have to declare that this is the best release to date from this trio from Portland. From the first chords of the opener, I thought, "They finally got a really good producer!" And so I leafed through the liner notes to discover that Dave Fridmann deserves the credit. Many of us know him from The Flaming Lips' The Soft Bulletin as well as Mercury Rev's Deserter's Songs. But don't expect a third sibling mimicking those identical twins. With Sleater-Kinney he maintains everything that makes them what they are but bumps the quality up several notches; just what a good producer should do. Additionally, I'm glad they finally added a bass guitar on an album. Even if they decide not to tour with one, this instrument is not gratuitous. I think its inclusion is the main reason the album sounds so much more full. Meanwhile the song-writing is a departure from the pop-leaning direction I was afraid they were moving towards. This album rocks with heavy rhythm, wailing vocals, and some psychedelic guitar breaks.

I've become a fan of the bonus DVD packaging a lot of labels are including to keep you buying objects rather than just downloadable data. This album comes with the 5 live songs recorded in Portland. Thanks, Sub Pop.

Sound clip: Entertain


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