Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Want

Artist: The Want
Album: Greatest Hits Vol. 5

I learned about it...: One of the guys from Rye Coalition sent a cd of this to a friend of mine, and i immediately fell in love with it.

Comments: Sadly, this band doesn't exist anymore, but they left some great songs behind, which were released by Southern Lord. Super 70's sounding, reminds me of zeppelin, sabbath, etc... really badass in all respects, but the singing is what really makes it for me. there's tons of bands doing the stoner, heavy, 70's rock thing, but i think this is exceptional. Not really sure why this is called Greatest Hits Vol. 5, because I think this is the only thing this band ever released, supposedly this is a collection of songs from 2 demos they recorded, which I want if anyone has any clues.

Sound clip: Yeah-Yeah
Sound clip: Goodbye


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