Tuesday, April 05, 2005

sofa surfin'

Artist: Sofa Surfers
Album: Cargo
I learned about it...: from John Sherman, who heard it from Alop (of Dälek)
Comments: dubby, dancey, electronic, but organic. reminds me of nighttime. i don't usually like alot of beat oriented music, but this stuff is amazing.
Sound clip: Latal In Tampere

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Swinging Mademoiselles compilation
I learned about it...: from my friend mike, i think what i've got was recorded from vinyl and this might be really hard to find.
Comments: french fuzz? the compilation (i think there are 2 volumes) is mostly 60's French rock/pop. great stuff. i don't understand a word they are singing, but it's sooo sexy sounding.
Sound clip: Dam' dou ah! - Zoé


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