Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Random Records: Mommyheads

Craig randomly grabs a record from his shelf and shares his deepest thoughts and feelings.

The Mommyheads: Acorn (1989)

This is a strange grab for my inaugural Random Records posting, but hey - I've vowed to be random. Sadly, I've probably played it 2-3 times ever (plus one more just this evening). It's one of those albums that gets lost in your collection because it's thinner than it's neighbors. And that's a shame, because this is a good record. So, I'll admit I had to do some internet research on this one, then rack my brain for how it ended up in my collection.

The Mommyheads were a trio from NYC who put out 5 albums from 1989-1997. Acorn is their debut, and on this album at least, I hear very strong similarities to early/mid-period XTC. I would also put forth that Adam Cohen, singer, songwriter, guitarist, sounds like Ben Folds. Overall I think they sound like the quintessential 1980s college radio band, which probably explains why they never really went too far in the 1990s when grunge rock and it's underground brethren were all the rage. Although, their final record was released on Geffen, before that foray into stardom spelled their doom. They still have a very small cult following on the web.

Where I bought it: I'd have to guess this was a Nice Price-Durham purchase. I often would pick up something fairly random there that I hadn't heard of before. My foggy memory also tells me that it's possible I heard about them from David (he'd have to comment whether that's likely).

Would I buy it again?: Absolutely, and I'd treat it much better and give it the respect it deserved. I'm ashamed at the number of times I played an album like Belly's King when this one sat there getting mildewed.

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