Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pennsylvania: Pond, Matt

Artist: Matt Pond PA

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Album: Emblems

I learned about it...: Radio K (770 AM - Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Comments: Heavy Metal, Tamil, Bastard Pop - that's all well and good, but don't you ever just want some well-crafted pop songs? Every once and a while some singer-songwriter comes along who makes music that admittedly blends very nicely into the playlist on KS95 or whatever your local Matchbox 20 station is... at first listen. But the differences are deep if you pause for a second. Matt Pond started recording on his 8-track at his home in Pennsylvania in the 90s, and his influences are much less Fleetwood Mac, and more Neutral Milk Hotel (he actually covers Lindsay Buckingham and Jeff Mangum on his 2005 EP Winter Songs). When I saw him live on Carson Daly (again, you might balk) I was pleased to see that he bears a passing resemblance to our old friend Brian Quast, complete with old black tee and Chuck Taylors. You might put him in with Eric Matthews if you're looking for a college/indie rock comparison to his sound. But even that's too music-school. Elliott Smith? Far too melancholy. So let's quit trying to draw comparisons and sit back and enjoy him and his friends making some highly enjoyable, well crafted music that the whole family can enjoy.

Sound clip: Closest (Look Out)

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