Saturday, April 16, 2005

One-Hit Features

Artist: The Features

photo courtesy of

Album: don't bother with the album

I learned about it...: on MTV2's Subterranean, which is how they resurrected 120 Minutes., but in 60 min. form.

Comments: Maybe you're a Pepsi drinker, and you have a prize winning cap laying around that earns you just one song at the iTunes music store. If so, then I have the song for you. It's called "The Way It's Meant To Be" by The Features. They also have a video shown at least once on MTV2, and the visuals live up to the sound. The song has everything you could want: a little punk, a nice droney guitar riff and pounding drums, organ, cool vocals, and the always lively tiered/layered rock-out structure. So, I was excited to check out the EP released in 2003, and then again a full length in 2004. But, then there's the sad part. Nothing else they've recorded comes close to this one song. I normally wouldn't recommend just buying one song by an artist, but i just can't recommend the rest of their material. Maybe you'll disagree, so at least give it a listen. But I've found that after a few listens of their other material, their debut single hits harder than anything that follows. Too bad.

Sound clip: The Way It's Meant To Be


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