Tuesday, April 05, 2005


3 i've been enjoying lately:

Artist: Juana Molina

Album: Segundo
I learned about it...: on the web.
Comments: mellow and lovely sounds. website
Sound clip: ¿Quién?

Artist: The Planet The

Album: Physical Angel
I learned about it...: from seeing them live. They live in Portland, OR (same as me) and they're really nice folks.
Comments: reminds me of devo and yes in danceable syrup
Sound clip: physical angel

Artist: Toshack Highway vs Sianspheric

Album: Magnetic Morning/Aspirin Age
I learned about it...: from my friend chris who gave me a mix of "shoegazer" stuff.
Comments: this is Adam Franklin's (ex-Swervedriver) solo thing. this album is a split release with Sianspheric who are from Canada. dreamy stuff. website
Sound clip: The Streets That Spin Off


  • David was the first to play Swervedriver for me... about 12 years ago.

    By Blogger Craig, at 6:21 PM  

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