Sunday, April 17, 2005

Let's Tussle

Artist: Tussle

Album: Kling-Klang

Heard about it: saw them play live here in Portland. 2 Drummers, a keyboard player, and a bass player.

Comments: My very musical friend Andy Cabic plays bass in Tussle. They are dancy, dubby, trippy. Maybe they remind me of Can? Geez, I hate trying to describe music with words. So just listen and pick out your own adjectives.

Sound Clip: Rehearsal recording by Tussle with minidisc and one microphone (more)

ps - here's my audioscrobbler page if anyone wants to see what i'm be listening to.


  • We needed a good web dork around here, and I knew you were a pro. How about we compromise by doing the following:

    1) When somebody posts an entire song (instead of a 30 sec clip like I've been doing) they should use David's source code above.

    2) To further lessen the bandwidth burden, I'll limit the number of old posts on the homepage to half what it is now. But they're all still available in the sidebar.

    Sound good?

    By Blogger Craig, at 8:46 AM  

  • I checked out audioscrobbler. So, you listen to Magwheels more than anything but Black Sabbath? Speaking of which, what exactly can the average joe find if he wants to listen to Magwheels? Did you ever put out nationally distributed CDs? Also, I just remembered that my friend Jon Nelson was trying to contact you about 5 years ago because he's into sound collage (He is 'Escape Mechanism'). I wonder if you guys ever hooked up?

    By Blogger Craig, at 8:30 AM  

  • i leave my iTunes on party shuffle most of the time, and i have all my magwheels stuff in the library and since there's a lot of it, it comes up frequently, but i didn't realize it was that often.
    and the top songs list doesn't seem to jive with the top artists list, so i don't know how these stats really work.
    I think audioscrobbler has some anomalies sometimes, because i'm sure i haven't been listening to eno as much as it looks like from that chart. maybe the ranking is bumped up if i'm listening to a complete album by an artist, which i tend to do with sabbath. i should read up on the way audioscrobbler works.

    By Blogger david, at 10:18 AM  

  • i just figured out how to remove myself (magwheels) from my audioscrobbler lists. but the top lists won't cycle until i've played about 50 more songs. i searched for magwheels on audioscrobbler and saw that i'm my own #1 fan. heh. i actually have a few fans on there, but that just means that they listen to magwheels stuff sometimes, not neccessarily that they are fans. anyway... i don't know why i'm writing so much about this kinda of crap. cheers!

    By Blogger david, at 2:53 PM  

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