Monday, April 25, 2005


press release
Artist: Hater

Album: The 2nd

I learned about it...: from the nice guys who run Burn Burn Burn

Comments: i luv hater!
Hater is/was a side project of Ben Shepard and Matt Cameron (of Soundgarden fame). Their first record was released in 93. Most of the stuff on 'The 2nd' was recorded in 1995, but i don't care! The first record is great and i'm really excited to hear this. Plus, Ben is a super nice guy and let me play guitar for a bit on the amp that was used by cobain on bleach (what a sucker for this kind of shit i am.) Hater sounds like what... a folksy Stooges? a heavy Cat Stevens? a groovier Soundgarden? you decide.

sound clips: Between Two Fires & Fever Saint

more info here and mp3s here


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