Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Catholic Edumacation

Artist: Teenage Fanclub

Album: A Catholic Education

I am a stinking, hairless ape and "A Catholic Education" is the fuzzed-out monolith that I continually smack my rock loving brain against.

I once went two years without ever taking this album out of
the tape deck of my '91 Cavalier
(That's right ladies - a '91).

It sounded like this:

flip - perfection - flip - perfection - flip - perfection - flip... add infinity (or two years).

It's a favorite album of mine, and for the longest time I couldn't even recognize it as such because it had become so ubiquitous that it ceased to be a record and instead, became part and parcel of my being - almost like a big toe. And who goes around picking their favorite big toe?

I just recently bought it on CD, but to be honest, I'd rather listen to it on that crummy little cassette.

Here are other albums that sound better on cassette:
Sugarshit Sharp - Pussy Galore
Fakebook - Yo La Tengo

Don't get me wrong, cassettes are a horrible medium
but I challenge you to pick these up in that format and give them a roll,
then tell me I'm wrong.

Awww forget it.


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